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25th-Dec-2007 12:19 am - Hello sweethearts!
Christmas 2 // by foreword.
Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! ♥

I wish you all a fabulously cosy and heart-warming Christmas (or whatever it is that you're celebrating) and I'd like to send my hugs to you all. I'd really like to be able to comment on all your festive posts individually (I know I have a lot of catching up to do on all your entries) but I don't think I'll manage it this week. Been such an incredibly chaotic and busy month for me with exams, thesis-writing, working weekends and whatnot. But that'll change soon enough! Just know that I care deeply for you all. :)
29th-Nov-2007 07:23 pm - English lit
Tea // by albionic
Today my English professor asked me 'where I had gotten the inspiration from to write such a line', referring to a paragraph in an analysis-thingy I had to produce on the subject of Fahrenheit 451.

First I saw that he had given me a 28/30 (which is actually very good since I've never known him giving higher marks than that) but then I noticed his handwriting somewhere saying 'Where did you get THAT from?' I went to him for inquiry and he as good as asked me where I copied the line from. WTF? The night before it was due I speedwrote that little essay in about 20 mins because I'm a total idiot at time management sometimes. Didn't even read it through properly. So WTF?

'But the construction and depth of that sentence', he whispered, as if he had never read such grand literature before.

...Should I take this as a compliment or not? Or does he just underestimate me? (I always have the highest marks in class, but still.) O_o

I'm in need of a steamy cup of tea. It's not freezing over here but it isn't exactly warm either.

Is it still obligatory to cut this or am I just being silly? Lost 3 finale spoilersCollapse )
7th-Nov-2007 11:40 pm(no subject)
Luna sunflower // by movealongx.
Oh, excitement all round. LJ is going to release the feature of comment editing, something we've all been praying for. It's only for paid users though.

I am enjoying The Boleyn Inheritance so very much I couldn't focus on writing my paper today, at all. Baaad sign.
2nd-Nov-2007 08:10 pm - Book fair excitement
Jeeves and Wooster family portrait // by
Annis --

An alien
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

I'm finally watching Jeeves and Wooster and what an enjoyable series it is! I'm on season 2 already and boy, I didn't think I could love Stephen Fry any more but I do. Mmmm.

Went to this national book fair today and it was pretty exciting (as it always is) but I think the internet has corrupted my mind somehow this past year. I kept looking at the price tags of well-known books and kept thinking/saying: "Ah, I can get that for a lotless on Amazon!" Got lots of loot, though, from literature text books to the latest Sándor Márai and The Boleyn Inheritance.
31st-Oct-2007 09:25 pm(no subject)
Autumn skirt // by yumyum_cafe.
Happy Halloween, everybody!

RecsCollapse )
23rd-Oct-2007 11:06 pm - Layout change
Art // by _tigicons
Oooh, new layout!

It's simple but has its elegance, I think. And it is non-fandom! *gasps*
22nd-Oct-2007 06:39 pm - In the mood for Christmas
H/Hr close // by venus_ice
It's so freaking COLD outside today. It's really getting me in a wintery mood and on the positive side it's also made me think about Christmas all day. Mmmmm, Christmas. I bought 290338 kinds of sweets and cookies after my classes just to celebrate. I should stop doing that. I'm in for a nice, sugary cup of tea now. Life is good.

Art rec: glockgal has drawn portraits of Neville, Ginny and Luna that are absolutely awesome.

I've been hearing a lot about History Boys lately (a play/movie, am I right?) but I have to admit my knowledge is pretty limited. Someone fill me in on what it's all about?
21st-Oct-2007 07:58 pm - Hotmail
H/Hr close // by venus_ice
Apparently Hotmail thinks LJ comment notifications are spam and doesn't let you receive them anymore. So that's why my inbox has been so quiet today! I thought it was just LJ messing up again since I knew there were comments on my journal. :( Changed the e-mail adress in my profile almost immediately.

Hotmail, this is the 1239049th reason why I'm fed up with you. Go. Away.
21st-Oct-2007 11:59 am - Fandom frenzy
H/Hr close // by venus_ice
Hmmm, somebody already set up nevillexhannah. Fandom, fandom...

After all those squees the H/G and R/Hr people had the last couple of days I think it's time we turn positive again. I didn't like the fact that JKR decided to mention us H/Hr shippers again, no. I'm not convinced that Harry and Ginny are soulmates (that's just personal) nor do I think Ron and Hermione make a good fit. SO WHAT? Instead of being all angry/sad/whatever you were feeling we should all write more fic, draw more fanart and host more ficathons/fests so we finally enjoy ourselves a bit. Fandom should be about having fun, y'know?

So therefore I have recs! :)

-A Different Kind of Magic (Harry/Hermione, NC-17) by alissomora. Probably everyone has already read this one, but anyway.

-The Weight of Unraveling (Harry/Hermione, R) by jacyevans.

-Providence (Harry/Hermione/Ron, Adult) by the lovely inell.

-Options (Draco/Hermione/Harry, NC-17) by celandineb. Warning: A bit of rimming.

Tagged by jacyevans a loooong time ago:

Four things memeCollapse )

I tag contrary_lady, butterfly_kate, secondstar and short_shicka10.
20th-Oct-2007 10:53 pm - Stephen Fry day!
Hermione // by distantimages
So Dumbledore iswas gay, if you haven't heard the news yet. Awesome!

This might be totally OT but I came across this icon today that read "lol! - it's dutch for 'fun' y'kow?" And then my brain started working...And you know? IT IS. "Lol hebben" in dutch means as much as "having fun". Although the people of the Netherlands use it more than we Belgians do, it's totally correct. I completely cracked up when I thought about it. I'm so easily satisfied sometimes. :)

I finally ordered some Jeeves and Wooster (all four seasons, s'il vous plait!) and the novel The Liar because I seriously want me some Stephen Fry right now. I wish it were Friday again already because QI, baby!
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